List of Countries by Land Area


The list of countries and territories by total areas providing latest and accurate land areas in sq km (Square kilometre) by countries and territories. The world total land area is about 148,940,000 sq km.


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Country or Territory NameLand Area in sq km% of WorldRank
Afghanistan652,090 sq km0.44%41
Albania28,748 sq km0.02%144
Algeria2,381,741 sq km1.6%10
American Samoa199 sq km0%212
Andorra468 sq km0%194
Angola1,246,700 sq km0.85%23
Anguilla91 sq km0%220
Antigua and Barbuda442 sq km0%199
Argentina2,780,400 sq km2%8
Armenia29,743 sq km0.02%142
Aruba180 sq km0%214
Australia7,692,024 sq km5.2%6
Austria83,871 sq km0.06%115
Azerbaijan86,600 sq km0.06%114
Bahrain758 sq km0%185
Bangladesh143,998 sq km0.1%95
Barbados430 sq km0%200
Belarus207,600 sq km0.14%86
Belgium30,528 sq km0.02%140
Belize22,966 sq km0.02%151
Benin112,622 sq km0.08%102
Bermuda54 sq km0%225
Bhutan38,394 sq km0.03%135
Bolivia1,098,581 sq km0.74%28
Bosnia and Herzegovina51,197 sq km0.03%128
Botswana582,000 sq km0.39%48
Brazil8,514,877 sq km5.7%5
British Indian Ocean Territory60 sq km0%223
British Virgin Islands151 sq km0%216
Brunei5,765 sq km0%172

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