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Current Date and Time of Major Cities

CityCountryCurrent DateTimeUTC Offset
CairoEgyptFri, Dec 1, 2023  8:57amUTC+02:00
LondonUnited KingdomFri, Dec 1, 2023  6:57amUTC
Los AngelesUnited StatesThu, Nov 30, 202310:57pmUTC-08:00
Mexico CityMexicoFri, Dec 1, 202312:57amUTC-06:00
MoscowRussiaFri, Dec 1, 2023  9:57amUTC+03:00
MumbaiIndiaFri, Dec 1, 202312:27pmUTC+05:30
New YorkUnited StatesFri, Dec 1, 2023  1:57amUTC-05:00
ParisFranceFri, Dec 1, 2023  7:57amUTC+01:00
ShanghaiChinaFri, Dec 1, 2023  2:57pmUTC+08:00
TokyoJapanFri, Dec 1, 2023  3:57pmUTC+09:00

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Local Time Calculator by Location

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