Top 10 Countries with Highest Population Density


Want to know which country or territory has the highest human population density in the world? Check out our top 10 countries or territories with highest human population densities: Macau, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Bahrain, Malta, Bermuda, Sint Maarten, Maldives.


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Country or Territory NamePopulationLand AreaPopulation DensityRank
Macau556,8003018,560 / sq km1
Monaco35,000217,500 / sq km2
Singapore5,076,7007107,150 / sq km3
Hong Kong7,097,6001,1046,429 / sq km4
Gibraltar29,44164,907 / sq km5
Bahrain1,262,0007581,665 / sq km6
Malta417,6083161,322 / sq km7
Bermuda64,566541,196 / sq km8
Maldives317,2803001,058 / sq km10
Bangladesh151,163,000143,9981,050 / sq km11

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