List of Countries by Land Area


The list of countries and territories by total areas providing latest and accurate land areas in sq km (Square kilometre) by countries and territories. The world total land area is about 148,940,000 sq km.


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Country or Territory NameLand Area in sq km% of WorldRank
Russia17,098,242 sq km11.5%1
Canada9,984,670 sq km6.7%2
United States9,629,091 sq km6.5%3
People's Republic of China9,640,011 sq km6.5%3
Brazil8,514,877 sq km5.7%5
Australia7,692,024 sq km5.2%6
India3,287,263 sq km2.3%7
Argentina2,780,400 sq km2%8
Kazakhstan2,724,900 sq km1.8%9
Algeria2,381,741 sq km1.6%10
Democratic Republic of the Congo2,344,858 sq km1.6%11
Greenland2,166,086 sq km1.5%12
Saudi Arabia2,149,690 sq km1.4%13
Mexico1,964,375 sq km1.3%14
Indonesia1,910,931 sq km1.3%15
Sudan1,861,484 sq km1.3%16
Libya1,759,540 sq km1.2%17
Iran1,648,195 sq km1.1%18
Mongolia1,564,100 sq km1.1%19
Peru1,285,216 sq km0.86%20
Chad1,284,000 sq km0.86%21
Niger1,267,000 sq km0.85%22
Angola1,246,700 sq km0.85%23
Mali1,240,192 sq km0.83%24
South Africa1,221,037 sq km0.82%25
Colombia1,141,748 sq km0.76%26
Ethiopia1,104,300 sq km0.74%27
Bolivia1,098,581 sq km0.74%28
Mauritania1,025,520 sq km0.69%29
Egypt1,002,000 sq km0.67%30

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