World Tourist Ranking by Country/Region


Do you know which country/Region has the most tourists? You can find it in our list of tourist ranking by country and territory. Top 10 countries with most tourists are: France, United States, China, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico.


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Country or Territory NameTouristsRank
Zimbabwe2.24 million41
United States59.75 million2
United Kingdom28.13 million6
United Arab Emirates7.43 million27
Ukraine21.20 million12
Turkey27.00 million7
Tunisia6.90 million28
Thailand15.84 million16
Syria8.55 million25
Spain52.68 million4
South Korea8.80 million23
South Africa8.07 million26
Singapore9.16 million22
Saudi Arabia10.85 million20
Russia20.27 million13
Qatar1.66 million45
Puerto Rico3.68 million36
Oman1.52 million47
Nigeria1.41 million48
Namibia0.98 million50
Mozambique2.22 million42
Morocco9.29 million21
Mexico22.40 million10
Malaysia24.58 million9
Macau11.93 million19
Lebanon2.17 million43
Kenya1.39 million49
Jordan4.56 million34
Japan8.61 million24
Italy43.63 million5

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