World Tourist Ranking by Country/Region


Do you know which country/Region has the most tourists? You can find it in our list of tourist ranking by country and territory. Top 10 countries with most tourists are: France, United States, China, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico.


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Country or Territory NameTouristsRank
Algeria1.91 million44
Argentina5.29 million31
Australia5.89 million30
Austria22.00 million11
Bahrain4.94 million33
Botswana1.55 million46
Brazil5.16 million32
Canada16.10 million15
Chile2.77 million38
China55.67 million3
Colombia2.39 million40
Cuba2.51 million39
Dominican Republic4.13 million35
Egypt14.05 million18
France76.80 million1
Germany26.88 million8
Greece15.01 million17
Hong Kong20.09 million14
Indonesia5.91 million29
Israel3.45 million37
Italy43.63 million5
Japan8.61 million24
Jordan4.56 million34
Kenya1.39 million49
Lebanon2.17 million43
Macau11.93 million19
Malaysia24.58 million9
Mexico22.40 million10
Morocco9.29 million21
Mozambique2.22 million42

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