List of Countries with Flags


Do you know the flag of Australia? You can find it in our list of countries and territories with their flags. Large pictures (upto 800 pixels) are provided to help you to see details of flags.


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Country or Territory NameFlagSize
Portugal600x400 pixels
Poland800x500 pixels
Pitcairn Islands800x400 pixels
Philippines800x400 pixels
Peru800x533 pixels
Paraguay800x480 pixels
Papua New Guinea600x450 pixels
Panama450x300 pixels
Palau800x500 pixels
Pakistan800x533 pixels
Oman600x300 pixels
Norway800x582 pixels
Northern Marianas800x400 pixels
North Korea800x400 pixels
Niue600x300 pixels
Nigeria800x400 pixels
Niger700x600 pixels
Nicaragua600x360 pixels
New Zealand800x400 pixels
Netherlands800x533 pixels
Nepal315x385 pixels
Nauru600x300 pixels
Namibia800x533 pixels
Myanmar800x533 pixels
Mozambique800x533 pixels
Morocco800x533 pixels
Montserrat800x400 pixels
Mongolia800x400 pixels
Monaco750x600 pixels
Moldova800x400 pixels

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