List of Countries with Flags


Do you know the flag of Australia? You can find it in our list of countries and territories with their flags. Large pictures (upto 800 pixels) are provided to help you to see details of flags.


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Country or Territory NameFlagSize
Switzerland320x320 pixels
Sweden800x500 pixels
Swaziland600x400 pixels
Suriname800x533 pixels
Sudan600x300 pixels
Sri Lanka800x400 pixels
Spain750x500 pixels
South Korea800x533 pixels
South Africa800x533 pixels
Somalia800x533 pixels
Solomon Islands800x400 pixels
Slovenia800x400 pixels
Slovakia450x300 pixels
Singapore800x533 pixels
Sierra Leone450x300 pixels
Seychelles800x400 pixels
Senegal800x533 pixels
São Tomé and Príncipe800x400 pixels
Saudi Arabia750x500 pixels
San Marino800x600 pixels
Samoa800x400 pixels
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines450x300 pixels
Saint Lucia800x400 pixels
Saint Kitts and Nevis800x533 pixels
Saint Helena800x400 pixels
Rwanda800x533 pixels
Russia800x533 pixels
Romania600x400 pixels
Qatar756x297 pixels
Puerto Rico800x533 pixels

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