FK - Falkland Islands


Basic facts and profile information about Falkland Islands: commonly used name, full official name, flag, language, capital city, time zones, population, land area, population density, GDP, DGP per capita, ISO2/ISO3 codes, Internet domain name, etc.

Common Name: Falkland Islands
Official Name: Falkland Islands
Currency: £ - FKP (Falkland Islands Pound).
Calling Code: +500 for telephone dialing in.
Capital City: Port Stanley with latitude of -51.40 and longitude -59.51.
Airports: Stanley Airport (PSY) at Port Stanley.
List of airports in the country.
Language: English
Local Date and Time:
Population and Rank: 3,000 people lives in the country.
0% of the world total population.
#221 of highest populations in the world.
Land Area and Rank: 12,173 square kilometres of land area.
0% of the world total land area.
#163 of biggest countries in the world.
Population Density and Rank: 0 people per square km.
#223 of highest population densities in the world.
GDP: GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in Millions of US $.
# of highest GDP in the world.
GDP per Capita: GDP per capita in US $.
# of highest GDP per capita in the world.
Cell Phone Population and Rank: cell phones in use.
of world total cell phones.
# of highest cell phone populations in the world.
ISO2 Code: FK assigned as the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code.
ISO3 Code: FLK assigned as the ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 code.
Domain Name: .fk used as the top level Internet domain name.
Flag: Flag of Falkland Islands


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