Top 10 Largest Airlines in the World


Want to know which airline carries the most passengers in a year? See our top 10 largest airlines in passenger traffic based on 2010 statistics. The busiest airline is the Delta Air Lines in United States with 162,614,714 passengers.



Airline NameIATA CodeICAO CodeCountryTrafficRank
Delta Air Lines DL DAL United States 162,614,714 1
United Airlines UA UAL United States 145,550,000 2
Southwest Airlines WN SWA United States 130,948,747 3
American Airlines AA AAL United States 105,163,576 4
Lufthansa LH DLH Germany 90,173,000 5
China Southern Airlines CZ CSN China 76,500,000 6
Air France AF AFR France 70,750,000 7
China Eastern Airlines MU CES China 64,877,800 8
US Airways US USA United States 59,809,367 9
British Airways BA BAW United Kingdom 57,300,000 10


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