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Air Asia ( is a startup headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) offering low-fare single-class point to point service along the lines of JetBlue or Ryanair. They have some amazing intro fares, like round trip from Kuala Lumpur to Johor, across the bridge from Singamore, for RM78, about US$20. Online reservations, info, and a nice three page menu of onboard food offerings. I think I'll try the Asian egg salad sandwich.

Air New Zealand ( offers schedules and booking via a private-label version of ITN/Getthere, which assured me that you can't fly from Auckland to New York. Also special fares and frequent flyer info.

Ansett Australia ( stopped flying in March 2002. But the web site has lots of tedious details of the financial dissection of the carcass.

Aerolineas Argentinas ( has schedules and reservations (for Argentine residents) through a private label version of Amadeus. In Spanish and English. I think it's flying this week, labor has been battling owner Iberia.

Cathay Pacific (, Hong Kong's airline, offers booking through ITN and a variety of special offers such as bonus AA frequent flyer miles or package deals to Asia.

El Al ( has U.S. schedules and some US-oriented package info. Appears to have on-line booking although I couldn't get it to work.

Emirates (, the airline of Dubai, has an attractive site with info about schedules, packages and special offers, and requent flyer info. The on-line booking makes it easy to search by schedule, even among multiple days, somewhat possible to search by fare, and due to Javascript bugs I can't tell whether it actually sells tickets.

Gol ( is a low-fare airline flying in Brazil and a few adjacent countries. Routes, fares, e-tickets, ground connections. Nice flash animation of flying pigs on the home page.

Lan Chile ( has an attractive multi-lingual site with schedules, fares, and some cheap Internet-only specials.

Malaysia Airlines ( has route and schedule information, with frequent special deals, but if you want to buy a ticket, you have to call them.

Polynesian Airlines ( has basic routes and schedules.

Qantas ( has an attractive site with online booking, schedule info and flight ops and a downloadable off-line Windows itinerary manager. Bookings are oriented toward but not limited to Australian residents. Also a mirror site ( in the U.S which appears to be unreachable due to mistakes at the Internic.

Royal Jordanian ( has a stylish but slow web site with routes and schedules to and from their Amman hub.

Singapore Airlines ( has schedule info, best viewed via a proxy server that will filter out anything that's unwholesome.

South African Airways ( has schedules and a little destination info, but they've toned down the eye-straining graphics. Occasional seat auctions.

Varig (, Brazil's major airline, has schedule info and reservations via Amadeus.

Virgin Blue ( is a low-fare domestic airline in Australia with its hub in sunny Brisbane. Schedules and on-line booking. Lunch costs extra.


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