What about the airlines' own web sites


What about the airlines' own web sites?

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Many airlines are on the World Wide Web. Five good directories of them are:

http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Shopping_and_Services/Trave... http://www.airlineguide.info http://smilinjack.com/airlines.htm http://flyaow.com/

This list contains only airlines sites that have schedule or booking information available; see the pages mentioned above for lots of other airline web pages with other info.

In the discussions below, flight ops means flight operations, that is, delays, gates, cancellations, and the like. Ticketless ticketing means that rather than issuing a real ticket, the airline sends you a receipt with a ticket number. You cite that number and show ID when you check in. They send the receipt via e-mail, fax, or (if there's time) snail mail. You pay with a credit card.


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