9K (Cape Air) - US (United States)


Basic facts and profile information about Cape Air in United States: airline name, other names, IATA code, ICAO code, Callsign, country, etc.

Airline Name: Cape Air
IATA Code: 9K
Airline Callsign: CAIR
Country: United States - Country or territory where this airline is located.
US - ISO2 code of the country.
Airports Served:Wallblake (AXA) - Serving city: The Valley of Anguilla
Eugenio Maria De Hostos (MAZ) - Serving city: Mayagüez of Puerto Rico
Mercedita (PSE) - Serving city: Ponce of Puerto Rico
Luis Munoz Marin Intl (SJU) - Serving city: San Juan of Puerto Rico
Nantucket Mem (ACK) - Serving city: Nantucket of United States
General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl (BOS) - Serving city: Boston of United States
Cape Girardeau Regional Airport (CGI) - Serving city: Cape Girardeau of United States
Key West Intl (EYW) - Serving city: Key West of United States
Kirksville Regional Airport (IRK) - Serving city: Kirksville of United States
Massena Intl Richards Fld (MSS) - Serving city: Massena of United States


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