SV (Saudi Arabian Airlines) - SA (Saudi Arabia)


Basic facts and profile information about Saudi Arabian Airlines in Saudi Arabia: airline name, other names, IATA code, ICAO code, Callsign, country, etc.

Airline Name: Saudi Arabian Airlines
Airline Callsign: SAUDIA
Country: Saudi Arabia - Country or territory where this airline is located.
SA - ISO2 code of the country.
Airports Served:Es Senia (ORN) - Serving city: Oran of Algeria
Zia Intl (DAC) - Serving city: Dhaka of Bangladesh
Baiyun Intl (CAN) - Serving city: Guangzhou of China
Alexandria Intl (ALY) - Serving city: El Iskandariya (= Alexandria) of Egypt
Cairo Intl (CAI) - Serving city: El Qahira (= Cairo) of Egypt
Borg El Arab Intl (HBE) - Serving city: El Iskandariya (= Alexandria) of Egypt
Bole Intl (ADD) - Serving city: Addis Ababa of Ethiopia
Charles De Gaulle (CDG) - Serving city: Paris of France
Frankfurt Main (FRA) - Serving city: Frankfurt am Main of Germany
Bangalore (BLR) - Serving city: Bangalore of India


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