EGP - Egypt Pound


Basic information about currency, EGP (Egypt Pound), including currency code, symbol/sign, decimal places, coins, bank notes/bills, and countries or territories where the currency is officially used.

Currency Name:Egypt Pound
Currency Code:EGP
Currency Symbol/Sign:£
Used in Regions:Egypt,
Currency Map:
Frequently Used Coin: EGP1 (Pound)
EGP1 (Pound) Coin Head: EGP Pound EGP1 Coin Head
EGP1 (Dollar) Coin Tail: EGP Pound EGP1 Coin Tail
Frequently Used Bills: EGP5, EGP20
EGP5 Bill Front: EGP Five Pound EGP5 Bill Front
EGP5 Bill Back: CAD Five Pound EGP5 Bill Back
EGP20 Bill Front: EGP Twenty Dollar EGP20 Bill Front
EGP20 Bill Back: EGP Twenty Pound EGP20 Bill Back


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