3R (Moskovia Airlines) - RU (Russia)


Basic facts and profile information about Moskovia Airlines in Russia: airline name, other names, IATA code, ICAO code, Callsign, country, etc.

Airline Name: Moskovia Airlines
IATA Code: 3R
Airline Callsign: GROMOV AIRLINE
Country: Russia - Country or territory where this airline is located.
RU - ISO2 code of the country.
Airports Served:Ganja Airport (KVD) - Serving city: Ganja of Azerbaijan
Domodedovo (DME) - Serving city: Moskva of Russia
Andizhan Airport (AZN) - Serving city: Andizhan of Uzbekistan
Bukhara (BHK) - Serving city: Bukhara of Uzbekistan
Fergana Airport (FEG) - Serving city: Fergana of Uzbekistan
Karshi Khanabad Airport (KSQ) - Serving city: Khanabad of Uzbekistan
Namangan Airport (NMA) - Serving city: Namangan of Uzbekistan
Samarkand (SKD) - Serving city: Samarkand of Uzbekistan
Termez Airport (TMJ) - Serving city: Termez of Uzbekistan


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