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Airport NameFAA/IATAICAOCityCountry
AiomeAIEAiomePapua New Guinea
AmbuntiAUJAmbuntiPapua New Guinea
Awaba AirportAWBAwabaPapua New Guinea
Baimuru AirportVMUBaimuruPapua New Guinea
Balimo AirportOPUBalimoPapua New Guinea
Bosset AirportBOTBossetPapua New Guinea
Buka AirportBUAAYBKBuka IslandPapua New Guinea
Chimbu AirportCMUAYCHKundiawaPapua New Guinea
Daru AirportDAUAYDUPapua New Guinea
Fane AirportFNEFanePapua New Guinea
Gasmata Island AirportGMIGasmata IslandPapua New Guinea
Girua AirportPNPAYGRPapua New Guinea
GorokaGKAAYGAGorokaPapua New Guinea
Gurney AirportGURAYGNPapua New Guinea
Ihu AirportIHUIhuPapua New Guinea
Itokama AirportITKItokamaPapua New Guinea
Jacquinot Bay AirportJAQJacquinot BayPapua New Guinea
Kamusi AirportKUYKamusiPapua New Guinea
Kandrian AirportKDRKandrianPapua New Guinea
Kavieng AirportKVGAYKVPapua New Guinea
Kerema AirportKMAAYKMPapua New Guinea
Kikori AirportKRIAYKKKikoriPapua New Guinea
Kimbe AirportHKNAYHKHoskinsPapua New Guinea
Kiunga AirportUNGAYKIKiungaPapua New Guinea
Kokoda AirportKKDKokodaPapua New Guinea
Lake Murray AirportLMYLake MurrayPapua New Guinea
Londolovit AirportLNVLondolovitPapua New Guinea
Losuia AirportLSALosuiaPapua New Guinea
MadangMAGAYMDMadangPapua New Guinea
Mendi AirportMDUAYMNPapua New Guinea
Misima Island AirportMISAYMSMisima IslandPapua New Guinea
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