9R (SATENA) - CO (Colombia)


Basic facts and profile information about SATENA in Colombia: airline name, other names, IATA code, ICAO code, Callsign, country, etc.

Airline Name: SATENA
IATA Code: 9R
Airline Callsign: SATENA
Country: Colombia - Country or territory where this airline is located.
CO - ISO2 code of the country.
Airports Served:Gustavo Rojas Pinilla (ADZ) - Serving city: San Andres Island of Colombia
Apartadó Airport (APO) - Serving city: Apartado of Colombia
Santiago Perez (AUC) - Serving city: Arauca of Colombia
Ernesto Cortissoz (BAQ) - Serving city: Barranquilla of Colombia
Palonegro (BGA) - Serving city: Bucaramanga of Colombia
Eldorado Intl (BOG) - Serving city: Bogotá of Colombia
Jose Celestino Mutis (BSC) - Serving city: Bahia Solano of Colombia
Gerardo Tobar Lopez (BUN) - Serving city: Buenaventura of Colombia
Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl (CLO) - Serving city: Cali of Colombia
Camilo Daza (CUC) - Serving city: Cucuta of Colombia


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