Airfare Tip: Use specialty discounts


Taking advantage of specialty discounts is a good way to save money on Airfare. Families, seniors, and students can all receive discounts on everything from Airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, and other activities.

Families traveling together can take advantage of children's discounts. While adults pay full price, tickets for children under the age of 12 will often be lower in price. And, infants are usually permitted to sit on a parent or guardian's lap for the duration of a flight without purchasing a separate ticket. Some airlines offer discounts on Airfare for groups of 10 or more (families or otherwise) traveling together on the same itinerary. Browse's Family Travel section for the latest family-specific air, cruise, hotel, and vacation deals, as well as travel advice.

Seniors can also benefit from discounts on Airfare. Some airlines offer discounts for AARP members, while others have special senior rates. Senior Airfare deals are often companion deals, in which seniors can bring a friend or family member at a discounted rate. AARP members can receive discounts on cruises, hotels, vacation packages, and more. Before booking a senior discount, however, shop around and compare senior rates with any-person rates to ensure that you're actually getting a better deal. Read's Senior Travel section for senior-specific deals, discounts, and travel advice.

Students (and, in many cases, anyone under 26) can take advantage of discounts from the many student travel agencies. STA Travel, Student Universe, and TravelCUTS specialize in student travel, particularly international (Europe) travel. Rail passes, hostel stays, museum visits, and more are discounted with the International Student ID Card (ISIC), a student identity card that is valid for one year. People under 26 who are not eligible for the ISIC can save with the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), an identity card that also offers discounts on airline tickets, accommodations, cultural events, and more. Use's Student Travel section to find the latest student deals and read student-specific travel advice.

Before booking any discounted fare, specialty or otherwise, be sure to shop around. Only book a specialty fare if it truly is a discount; otherwise, you're better off booking an any-person rate.


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