ADE (Aden Intl) - ADE (Aden, YE)


Aden Intl

Airport Name: Aden Intl
City Name: Aden- City served by this airport.
Local Time: 12:34pm on Mon, Jul 15, 2024 in Asia/Aden time zone
IATA/FAA Code: ADE - 3-letter code assigned by IATA or FAA.
ICAO Code: OYAA - 4-letter code assigned by ICAO.
Latitude and Longitude: 12.829542 - Latitude of this airport.
Longitude: 45.028792 - Longitude of this airport.
Altitude: 2 metres above the sea level.
Airlines:Airlines Of Tasmania - FO - ATM
Gulf Air Bahrain - GF - GBA
Yemenia - IY - IYE
Egyptair - MS - MSR
Royal Jordanian - RJ - RJA
Complete list of airlines serving this Airport.
Country Name: Yemen - Country or territory where this airport is located.
YE - ISO2 code of the country.
Currency: ï·¼ - YER (Yemeni Rial) - Currency used at this airport.
Calling Code: +967 - Telephone dialing in code for this airport.


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