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$1599 & up -- Ecuador: 10 Nights w/Amazon, Galapagos & Flights


Stay in a lodge in the Amazon, visit the Middle of the World Monument on the equator, tour Quito and explore the Galapagos islands and Guayaquil.


May 24, 2020 - Currency Exchange Rates

From CurrencyTo CurrencyExchange RateReverse Rate
United States Dollar
1 EUR = 1.0904 USD1 USD = 0.9171 EUR
British Pound
United States Dollar
1 GBP = 1.2174670344 USD1 USD = 0.8214 GBP
United States Dollar
Japanese Yen
1 USD = 107.5385179751 JPY1 JPY = 0.0093 USD
Australian Dollar
United States Dollar
1 AUD = 0.6531688032 USD1 USD = 1.531 AUD
United States Dollar
Canadian Dollar
1 USD = 1.40067865 CAD1 CAD = 0.7139 USD
United States Dollar
Swiss Franc
1 USD = 0.9712949376 CHF1 CHF = 1.0296 USD

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Current Date and Time of Major Cities

CityCountryCurrent DateTimeUTC Offset
New YorkUnited StatesSun, May 24, 2020  5:05pmUTC-04:00
TokyoJapanMon, May 25, 2020  6:05amUTC+09:00
ShanghaiChinaMon, May 25, 2020  5:05amUTC+08:00
MumbaiIndiaMon, May 25, 2020  2:35amUTC+05:30
Mexico CityMexicoSun, May 24, 2020  4:05pmUTC-05:00
Los AngelesUnited StatesSun, May 24, 2020  2:05pmUTC-07:00
MoscowRussiaMon, May 25, 202012:05amUTC+03:00
CairoEgyptSun, May 24, 202011:05pmUTC+02:00
LondonUnited KingdomSun, May 24, 202010:05pmUTC+01:00
ParisFranceSun, May 24, 202011:05pmUTC+02:00
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