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5 Easy Ways To A Discount Cruise

By: James Ma
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Since the booming of the cruise industry, cruise lines start to expand and lower their margins by offering discount cruises to vacationers in exchange for more people to spend their holiday on the cruise ships. This creates more opportunities for vacationers to find a cruise that matches their budget. Having said that, how can you go about finding a discount cruise of your choice?

Below are some tips to consider:

Theme Cruises

You might have heard of Theme Cruises. This is the special discount cruise package deal for different categories of people: families, kids, people belonging to a certain age group or interests, honeymooners, and retired people. Examples of Theme Cruises are Health & Fitness, Spiritual, Country Western, Classical Music, History & Culture, Single Cruises, Family Cruises, these are but a few examples. Youll easily find a group you can fit in, and the package deal will save you a lot of money. Because Theme Cruises only cater for people with special interests, hobbies and age, the chances of filling the spots will not be as high as for the general cruise.

Last Minute Cruise Deals

Do you plan your cruise vacation many months ahead of time? They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. While this may have been tested and proved numerous times, its not 100% true when it comes to cruising. On the other hand, last minute cruise deals can help you save a lot of money. Of course booking a cruise in advance will certainly guarantee a cabin of your choice but this is normally a high price you have to pay for. Your aim is to find a discount cruise deal, you can save a lot of money by waiting till the last minute. There are many reasons due to last minute cancellations, therefore many cruise lines will offer surprising discount rates to fill their vacant cabins a few days before the ships set sails.

Off Season Cruises

Take advantage of the off-peak seasons together with last minute cruises. These are the times when children are in school, cruise lines will offer very attractive rates for vacationers. Since the rates during the off season times are cheaper to begin with, by grabbing the last minute cruises will enable you to enjoy even deeper discounts.

Repeat Customers

Stick to the same cruise line if you enjoy it, most probably you'll get a discount cruise the following year. Repeat customers always have the privileges. As a returning customer, you could benefit from a good discount for your next cruise. Also, consider booking your cruise the same time each year. Or, if you feel more comfortable consider online booking.

Repositioning Cruises

If you like just sailing on the ship with fewer stop at ports of call, then Repositioning Cruises is another discount cruise for you. Due to the changing water climates or at certain times of the year, cruise lines need to relocate their ships north or south, depending on the season. In order to cover the costs in this migration rather than empty sailing, cruise lines will offer voyages at major discounts. But the drawback is that they will not bring you back to the port from which you have set sails. You have to fly your way back, normally at a higher price. However, if you can find another cheaper return alternative or just don't mind at all Repositioning Cruises is the perfect choice.

The above are just 5 easy ways to a discount cruise. In fact, there are many more. The next time you go for a cruise, try out these few methods first and for sure you'll find at least one that will offer a better discount.

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