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A Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Croatia

By: OrsonJohnson
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A Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Croatia is a little country which borders between Hungary, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Though not as famous as their bigger European country counterparts, Croatia is one to definitely visit at least once with its beautiful lands and Mediterranean feel.
When visiting Croatia, why not start at one of the most famous tourist attraction called the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. These lakes, located between Zagreb and Zadar are definitely worth the visit, as even just the pictures themselves seem breathtaking.
The Plitvice National Park encompasses 16 lakes, divided as the 12 upper lakes and 4 lower lakes. All the lakes however are renowned for their distinctive colours and changes all throughout the year, varying between baby blue to emerald green and even greyish, depending on the light and minerals. Walk or take hikes throughout the lovely park and fret not if you feel hungry or feel like spending the night there as 3 hotels, restaurants and small food kiosks are found easily for your convenience.
Another place, or well, city in this case, to visit would be Dubrovnik. Many will tell you from their experiences here that this historic city here is one of the gems of the Adriatic. The best part to visit would be Dubrovnik's old city, with its beautiful marble paved floors and cobbled streets. Walk along the walls and behold the beauty of the city from 25m up and realise why the locals sport the term "if you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik".
Just a little bit up north of Dubrovnik lies the city of Split which holds the next attraction that's well worth a visit. The Diocletian's Palace, located right in the heart of the city is together with the other 2 mentioned attractions, a UNESCO world heritage site. Within the walls of the palace itself are cobbled alleyways, residential apartments, modern shops and restaurants made from local limestone, roman relics and the stunning cathedral. The Diocletian's Palace has that "city within a city" feel to it, but it's ever charming and adds to another page in Croatia's history book.
While you're in split, take the time to explore the second largest city in Croatia and head on toward the Archaeological Museum as well if you're a lover of museums. This museum is the oldest in Croatia and it displays many artifacts from prehistoric times, early medieval ages and the Greek colonial period. If you have a few days on hand, rent a car and head for Brela Beach, a 15km drive away. Voted the best beach in Europe, no words can truly describe the beauty when you see the crystalline waters lap the shorelines and coves.

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