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The latest country look up list by currency tells you countries or territories where a given currency is officially used. This look up list is based on data extracted from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 4217 publication.




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Currency NameCodeCountries or Territories
WIR Franc (complementary currency)CHW Switzerland
Unidad de Fomento (funds code)CLF Chile
Chilean pesoCLP Chile
Chinese yuanCNY China (Mainland)
Colombian pesoCOP Colombia
Unidad de Valor RealCOU Colombia
Costa Rican colonCRC Costa Rica
Cuban convertible pesoCUC Cuba
Cuban pesoCUP Cuba
Cape Verde escudoCVE Cape Verde
Czech korunaCZK Czech Republic
Djiboutian francDJF Djibouti
Danish kroneDKK Denmark,  Faroe Islands,  Greenland
Dominican pesoDOP Dominican Republic
Algerian dinarDZD Algeria
Egyptian poundEGP Egypt
Eritrean nakfaERN Eritrea
Ethiopian birrETB Ethiopia
EuroEUR17  European Union countries,  Andorra,  Kosovo,  Monaco,  Montenegro,  San Marino,  Vatican City;
Fiji dollarFJD Fiji
Falkland Islands poundFKP Falkland Islands
Pound sterlingGBP United Kingdom, Crown Dependencies (the  Isle of Man and the Channel Islands), certain British Overseas Territories ( South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,  British Antarctic Territory and  British Indian Ocean Territory)
Georgian lariGEL Georgia (country)
Ghanaian cediGHS Ghana
Gibraltar poundGIP Gibraltar
Gambian dalasiGMD Gambia
Guinean francGNF Guinea
Guatemalan quetzalGTQ Guatemala
Guyanese dollarGYD Guyana
Hong Kong dollarHKD Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region),  Macau (Special Administrative Region)

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