Currency Decimal Places - ISO 4217


The latest list of currency decimal places published as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 4217. For example, Japanese yen uses 0 decimal places and US dollar uses 2 decimal places as shown in ¥100 JPY = $1.30 USD.




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Currency NameCodeDecimal Places
WIR Franc (complementary currency)CHW2
Unidad de Fomento (funds code)CLF0
Chilean pesoCLP0
Chinese yuanCNY2
Colombian pesoCOP2
Unidad de Valor RealCOU2
Costa Rican colonCRC2
Cuban convertible pesoCUC2
Cuban pesoCUP2
Cape Verde escudoCVE0
Czech korunaCZK2
Djiboutian francDJF0
Danish kroneDKK2
Dominican pesoDOP2
Algerian dinarDZD2
Egyptian poundEGP2
Eritrean nakfaERN2
Ethiopian birrETB2
Fiji dollarFJD2
Falkland Islands poundFKP2
Pound sterlingGBP2
Georgian lariGEL2
Ghanaian cediGHS2
Gibraltar poundGIP2
Gambian dalasiGMD2
Guinean francGNF0
Guatemalan quetzalGTQ2
Guyanese dollarGYD2
Hong Kong dollarHKD2

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