List of Countries by GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Ranking


Want to know the GDP of Australia? Check out our list of countries and territories by GDP ranking which provides latest and accurate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) values in US Dollar (USD) by countries and territories. The world total GDP is about 62,909,274 millions of US Dollar.


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Country or Territory NameGDP in US $Rank
Zimbabwe5,574 Millions142
Zambia15,691 Millions106
Yemen30,023 Millions88
Vietnam103,574 Millions59
Venezuela290,678 Millions34
Vanuatu721 Millions171
Uzbekistan38,987 Millions81
Uruguay40,714 Millions79
United States14,657,800 Millions1
United Kingdom2,247,455 Millions6
United Arab Emirates301,880 Millions33
Ukraine136,416 Millions54
Uganda17,121 Millions103
Turkey741,853 Millions17
Tunisia43,863 Millions77
Trinidad and Tobago21,195 Millions98
Tonga301 Millions180
Togo3,074 Millions153
The Gambia1,040 Millions166
The Bahamas7,538 Millions132
Thailand318,850 Millions30
Tanzania22,434 Millions93
Tajikistan5,578 Millions141
Syria59,633 Millions68
Switzerland523,772 Millions19
Sweden455,848 Millions22
Swaziland3,165 Millions151
Suriname3,297 Millions150
Sudan65,930 Millions65
Sri Lanka48,241 Millions74

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